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by Sadé Simmons

A Movement Place

SSweat Space
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Hi, I’m Sade

Certified Fitness Trainer + Personal Coach

I'm a lover of all things movement. Whether it be a long hike with my pup in the Spring, Kayaking + Paddle Boarding in the Summer, skiing in the Winter, or on a stage dancing all year round, some might say movement is my obsession.


SSweat Space Offerings


SSweat On-Demand

Pay Per View | Monthly Options

This ever-evolving library of On-Demand Videos is tailored to fit your busy schedule no matter the time or the place.


Image by Andrew "Donovan" Valdivia

SSweat Live

The Schedule is Live!

All levels are welcome for these fun, engaging, and high energy classes! Grab your water and get ready to SSWEAT!


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SSweat Personal

1-1 | Small Group Options

Whether your goal is to jump back on the fitness train, stay on, or bring friends for the ride, this may be the option for you!

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SSweat Space

A Movement Place

SSWEAT SPACE combines strength training with the cardio of HIIT, the core focus of Pilates, and the detailed intensity of Barre to give you the most efficient and fun workout possible.

I am enthralled with movement, music, and physical challenge! I want to push my limits and have fun while I’m at it.


You are a go-getter, a forward-thinker who may lack time and space but is passionate about feeling good in your skin.


My goal is to help you harness your power in your workouts so that you can then bring that power out into the world. Change is inevitable. Why not make it positive?

7-Day Free Trial HERE

Online Fitness Training | Personal Training

SSweat Space

on the Go

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