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SSweat Space

Add Movement To Your Life


SSweat Space is a little slice of the virtual landscape where movement is the motivator for Live Online Fitness Classes and On-Demand Content.

No matter if you're just beginning or are well on your way in your fitness journey, this is the place for all movers and shakers!


Encapsulating a style that is all her own, Sadés high energy and saucy personality creates a true experience where clients are fully engaged, challenged, and lovingly pushed to reach new goals. The phrase, 'tiny but mighty!' definitely applies here.

Her attention to detail and anatomical knowledge ensures that each client is coached with proper form, alignment, and structural safety.

Workouts are tough, and sometimes getting to the gym or studio is a challenge all on its own. That's why Sadé sets out to create an environment that not only appeals to all skill levels, but will also transport the client to a place where they'll want to return again and again.

Through lots of laughter, and an epic bass drop, Sadés training is not just about transforming the body, but also the heart and mind. There certainly is not one without the other. She brings this thought process into each class and session, and urges her clients to do the same. The journey to well-being is life-long, and it's her mission to join you along the way.

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