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Hot Spot 2 Macmillan Class Audio Cd

Hot Spot 2 Macmillan Class Audio CD

Hot Spot 2 is a communicative course with an accessible grammar syllabus designed to address the needs of young teenagers. Fun and engaging, it makes the most of the growing identity of the young teenager through motivating texts and stories. The course consists of a student's book, a teacher's book, a workbook, and a class audio CD.


The class audio CD contains the audio to accompany the course Hot Spot 2 by Colin Granger and Katherine Stannett. It includes recordings of dialogues, songs, stories, and exercises from the student's book and the workbook. The CD also contains tests for each module as well as pre-course, middle of book, and end of book tests.

The class audio CD is an essential component of the course, as it provides listening practice and exposure to authentic language. The CD also helps students develop their pronunciation, intonation, and fluency skills. The CD can be used in class with a CD player or a computer, or at home for self-study.

The class audio CD is divided into two CDs: CD 1 and CD 2. Each CD has a number of tracks corresponding to the lessons and activities in the student's book and the workbook. The tracks are numbered and named according to the module, lesson, and activity number. For example, track 1.01 on CD 1 is for module 1, lesson 1, activity 1 in the student's book.

The class audio CD is available for purchase online or at local bookstores. You can also listen to some samples of the audio tracks on SoundCloud. If you want to learn English in a fun and effective way, Hot Spot 2 Macmillan Class Audio CD is a great choice for you.

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