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Delphi Ds150e New Vci Keygen Generator

Delphi DS150E New VCI Keygen Generator: How to Activate Delphi Software

Delphi DS150E is a popular diagnostic tool that supports cars and trucks diagnosis till 2020. The Delphi software can work with several diagnostic devices, such as WOW, CDP, Auto-com, MVDiag tools TCS CDP, etc. However, the software needs to be activated before use, and that's where the Delphi DS150E New VCI Keygen Generator comes in handy.

The Delphi DS150E New VCI Keygen Generator is a software tool that can generate activation files for Delphi software versions 2015.3, 2016.1 and 2017.3. The activation files are based on the serial number of the diagnostic device that you use with the software. By using the keygen generator, you can activate the software by yourself without paying any fees or waiting for online activation.


How to Use the Delphi DS150E New VCI Keygen Generator

The Delphi DS150E New VCI Keygen Generator is easy to use, and you can follow these steps to activate your Delphi software:

  • Download the Delphi software version that you want to use from the official website or from other sources. You can find the download links for different versions in [this blog post].

  • Install the Delphi software on your computer according to the instructions. Make sure you turn off your internet connection and antivirus software before installation.

  • Connect your diagnostic device to your computer via USB or Bluetooth, and run the Delphi software. The software will ask you to activate it.

  • Click on "Start" and then "No" to create a file named "FileActivation.xml" on your desktop. This file contains the information of your diagnostic device and the software version.

  • Copy the "FileActivation.xml" file to another computer that has internet access, and run the Delphi DS150E New VCI Keygen Generator on it. You can download the keygen generator from [this website].

  • Select the software version that matches your Delphi software, and click on "Browse" to load the "FileActivation.xml" file.

  • Click on "Generate FileActivation.xml" to create a new file named "FileActivation_Activated.xml". This file is the activation file for your Delphi software.

  • Copy the "FileActivation_Activated.xml" file back to your computer that has the Delphi software installed, and run the Delphi software again.

  • Click on "Start" and then "Yes" to load the "FileActivation_Activated.xml" file. The software will be activated and ready to use.

Congratulations! You have successfully activated your Delphi software with the help of the Delphi DS150E New VCI Keygen Generator. You can now enjoy the full features of the software and diagnose your vehicles with ease.


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