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Gold His And Hers Promise Rings that are fashionable and of high quality

Gold has a particular meaning for a lot of people. The metal is symbolic of the precious and pure, which makes it ideal for expressing gratitude and affection with an engraved friendship ring. However, not all gold rings are created equal. There are a myriad of different shapes, colors, and designs for classic and unusual rings. A brief overview of the properties of this popular metal.

Different gold alloys as well as shades and colors

Gold is the most varied metal in terms of colors. The most commonly used alloys are warm yellow gold, which is also often used for classic wedding rings, and cool white gold that is similar to silver in its hue. However, there are a variety of gold colors. Most unusual is the red gold that is made from an alloy of gold and copper, which is typically used for rings in conjunction with white or red gold. Gray gold, rose gold, or green gold are other, rarer alloys. Blue gold or black gold can also be found infrequently. There are also distinctions in the different white and yellow gold alloys. It is worth comparing the hues to find the one that is most suitable to your personal preferences. In essence, you need to be aware of your allergies when selecting the best alloy. The ring that you choose for friendship should be worn for a number of years.

The advantages and disadvantages of gold as a metal for friendship rings

In addition to its symbolic value and the value of the raw material, gold ring have the following advantages:

Gold is a soft material which can be adjusted even after the ring has been made when a person's hands change throughout their life.

Metal is available in many different colors.

Gold rings do not oxidize.

Yellow gold rings won't discolor.

This is balanced by the following disadvantages:

Gold rings are quite susceptible to scratches and other signs of wear.

Gold rings can trigger allergies depending on the alloys of metal they contain (e.g. Nickel can cause allergic reactions in gold rings.

As compared to other types of metals, gold rings are quite expensive and not everyone will be willing to spend that on the ring of friendship.

Alternatives to the gold ring

There is no alternative to the classic friendship ring made of yellow gold. Silver and stainless steel rings are a viable alternative to the classic white gold ring. The titanium and palladium friendship rings are modern, high-end alternative. Ceramic and carbon, on the other side, are more uncommon.

Modern friendship rings for modern times made of stainless steel and titanium

Friendship rings are generally constructed from materials that are less likely to be mistaken for wedding bands and don't cause unnecessary questions. Stainless steel looks cool and modern, and it is easy to maintain and has sturdy properties. Rings made of titanium that are becoming more popular as friendship or partner rings, particularly when combined with carbon.


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