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Kirill Dmitriev
Kirill Dmitriev

Buy Lagavulin Miniatures

Isabel Graham-Yooll, director of Whisky.Auction commented on the sale: The prices achieved on these two very rare miniatures are exciting, but perhaps not unexpected given the rarity of these whiskies.

buy lagavulin miniatures

Sample, switch up and discover your new favourite brands with our whiskey miniatures selection. Choose from a range of well-loved Whiskey brands such as Jack Daniel's, Glenfiddich and Johnnie Walker. World-renowned for their exquisite flavour profiles, our miniature whisky selection will be sure to satisfy even the most discerning whisky connoisseurs.

Buy Whisky Miniatures Online. We have a great selection of whisky miniatures available to be dispatched to your door same business day. Collect Scotch whisky miniatures from distilleries such as Ben Nevis, Laphroaig, Limeburners, Tomintoul and more. You can now purchase whisky miniatures at The Whisky Company Online. 041b061a72


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