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Shyama Sundara Kera Kedara Bhoomi Mp3 Songs Free Downloading

Shyama Sundara Kera Kedara Bhoomi: A Song That Celebrates Kerala

Shyama Sundara Kera Kedara Bhoomi is a Malayalam song that was composed by the legendary music director A.R. Rahman and sung by Kalyani Menon and Sujatha Mohan. The song was created in 1994 as the theme song for the Asianet channel, which was the first privately owned television channel in Kerala. The song was written by the renowned Malayalam poet P. Bhaskaran, who was also a film director, producer, and lyricist. The song is a tribute to the natural beauty, cultural diversity, and historical legacy of Kerala, which is often called the God's own country. The song has become a popular anthem among the Malayalees, who are the native speakers of Malayalam and the inhabitants of Kerala.

The Meaning of the Song

The title of the song, Shyama Sundara Kera Kedara Bhoomi, means "the dark and beautiful land of coconut palms and mountains". The song describes Kerala as a land of abundant life, where people of different religions, castes, and communities live together in harmony. The song also praises the achievements of the ancient rulers of Kerala, such as Maveli, who is believed to have established a golden age of justice and equality in the region. The song also celebrates the artistic and musical traditions of Kerala, such as the classical dance form Kathakali, the percussion instrument Chenda, and the folk songs Onappattu. The song also expresses the hope that the new generation of Kerala will continue to shine like bright stars in the new era.

shyama sundara kera kedara bhoomi mp3 songs free downloading

The Impact of the Song

The song has been widely appreciated by the Malayalees for its melodious tune, poetic lyrics, and patriotic sentiment. The song has also been used as a signature video for Kerala Tourism, which showcases the various attractions and destinations of the state. The song has also been performed by various artists and groups, both in India and abroad, as a way of expressing their love and pride for Kerala. The song has also been covered by many singers on social media platforms, such as YouTube and Smule . The song has also been used as a background score for many documentaries and films that depict the culture and history of Kerala.

The Conclusion

Shyama Sundara Kera Kedara Bhoomi is a song that captures the essence of Kerala in a beautiful and inspiring way. The song is a masterpiece of music and poetry that reflects the rich heritage and diversity of Kerala. The song is also a symbol of unity and harmony among the Malayalees, who share a common bond of language and culture. The song is a source of joy and pride for every Malayalee, who considers Kerala as their home.


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