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Tupac When Thugs Cry Og Downloadl

Tupac When Thugs Cry Og Downloadl

When Thugs Cry is a song by the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, also known as 2Pac. The song was recorded in 1996, shortly before Tupac's death, but was not released until 2001, as part of his posthumous album Until the End of Time. The song is a reflection of Tupac's life as a thug, and his struggles with violence, poverty, and death. The song also features vocals by Nanci Fletcher, who sings the chorus.

The original version of the song, also known as the OG version, is different from the official release in several ways. The OG version has a different beat, produced by Johnny J, who was Tupac's frequent collaborator. The OG version also has different lyrics, some of which are more explicit and controversial than the ones in the official release. For example, in the OG version, Tupac raps about killing police officers and rival gang members, while in the official release, he raps about being misunderstood and mistreated by society.

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The OG version of When Thugs Cry is considered by many fans to be superior to the official release, as it captures Tupac's raw emotions and authentic style. However, the OG version is also harder to find, as it was never officially released by Tupac's label or estate. The OG version can only be found on some bootleg albums or online platforms, such as SoundCloud or YouTube.

If you are interested in listening to or downloading the OG version of When Thugs Cry, you can use the following links:

However, please note that these links may not be legal or authorized by Tupac's estate, and may be removed at any time. Therefore, we recommend that you support Tupac's legacy by purchasing his official albums and songs from authorized platforms.

Thank you for reading this article about Tupac When Thugs Cry Og Downloadl. We hope you enjoyed it and learned something new about one of the greatest rappers of all time.


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