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After the death of her husband John Curran on June 1, 1922 who kept meticulous records of the Patience Worth sessions, the record of the Patience Worth sessions became episodic and fragmentary, with long gaps of time unaccounted for. Pearl was pregnant with her first child which was born six months after her husband's death. Pearl now had a family of four to support by herself and her financial situation so bleak that Herman Behr, a devoted friend, sent money to Mrs. Curran and announced that he would continue to do so as long as she needed it. Mr. Behr provided Mrs. Curran with an income of $400 a month for a number of years. Mrs Curran then entered the lecture circuit to make some money to support her family. A few months later, her mother Mrs. Mary Pollard died. The sessions with Patience Worth still continued regularly at Mrs. Curran's home. Mrs. Curran's financial situation continued to be bleak. She married two more times, but both marriages were short-lived. In the summer of 1930, Mrs. Curran left St. Louis for good and moved to California to live with an old friend Mrs. Alexander Bailey "Dotsie" Smith in the Los Angeles area. Patience was kept busy at the sessions, as always, by requests for her comments on major topics of the day and other issues. She continued to communicate through Pearl until November 25, 1937, when she gave her final communication. Pearl had apparently received a prior communication from Patience that she (Pearl) was going to die as Pearl told Dotsie Smith "Oh Dotsie, Patience has just shown me the end of the road and you will have to carry on as best you can." Even though Pearl had not been in ill health, she developed pneumonia late in November and died on December 3, 1937.[10]

the best of patience and prudence.rar

Parasites including ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) and ticks (Ixodes varieties) can lead to irritation and then bacterial infection of the ears. Ticks are usually visible to the naked eye but ear mites are more easily seen under a microscope. Use of an appropriate antiparasitic treatment and removal of the parasites are the best method of treatment.

There are lots of different possibilities, behavioural, hormonal and others, but ear infections are still quite likely! Give your vet a ring for advice. Many ear medications are best avoided during pregnancy, so this is time for a conversation with your vet.

I have just come across your site and live in Brisbane, Australia and wondered if i could ask you a question my mother who is 88 hasyr old cav king charles and was given dermotic for mites so she was told being on a budget she wants me to obtain some from the internet from your comments it would appear he may have yeast infection would you be able to tell me what would be the best medication to use and something that I would be able to buy off the internet making life a little cheaper. I do hope I have not been a nuisance in asking you for your advice in this matter. I will keep a note of your site and visit it more often as I to have a dog and a cat and the ifromation I have received from you has been very helpful. Thank you.


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